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2nd EAI International Conference on Robotic Sensor Networks

August 25–26, 2018 | Kitakyushu, Japan


ROSENET 2018 will give a platform for presenting high-quality research contributions in the form of well-developed papers. Topics of interest encompass research advances in all areas of Robotic Sensor Networks.

We are pleased to invite you to attend the ROSENET 2018 conference which will take place in Kitakyushu, Japan from August 25 to August 26, 2018.


Full Program


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Hyoungseop Kim

Title: A Computer Aided Diagnosis System for for Sclerotic Bone Metastasis in CT Images

Prof. JooKooi Tan

Title: MY VISION System-Based Recognition of Ambient Environmental Objects and Its Application



Prof. Yujie Li
Title: Optical Image Quality Improvement for Underwater Environment



Accepted Papers


- “ Weighted Linear Multiple Kernel Learning for Saliency Detection ”
- “ An Auction-based Task Allocation Alogrithm in Heterogeneous Multi-robots System "
- “ Encryption of 3D Surface Model with Textures through Multi-Level Chaotic Maps ”
- “  Privacy Preserving Face Retrieval in the Cloud for Mobile Users ”
- “ Traffic-Aware VM Migration Based on Double Auction Mechanism ”
- “  K-Stage Mixed Markov Model based Dynamic Integration of Virtual Machine ”
- “ An introduction to formation control of UAV with Vicon System ”
- “ Object detection based on R-FCN and GrowCut ” 
- “ Vehicle Logo Detection Based on Modified YOLOv2 ”
- “ Quadratic Discriminant Analysis Metric Learning Based on Feature Augmentation for Person Re-identification ”
- “ A New Supervised Classification Framework of Tilt Image Matching Point Cloud ” 
- “ Group recommendation robotics based on external social-trust networks ”
- “ Near-Duplicate Video Cleansing Method Based on LSH and SNM”
- “ A brain computer interface control system based on cloud platform for Minitype UAVs ”
- “ Secondary Filter Keyframes Extraction Algorithm Based on Adaptive Top-K ”
- “ DeepEye: A Dedicated Camera for Deep-sea Tripod Observation Systems  ”



We look forward to seeing you in August!



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Kitakyushu International Conference Center (MICE), Kitakyushu