ZOOM Guide for Participants

ROSENET 2020 will be held in virtual on November 21, 2020.

Location: Zoom meeting room

How to Join the Sessions:

  1. Install Zoom in advance.
  2. Open the session link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89253819784?pwd=am83bVJERGQ5Sk5CVENHUWcwT2R4Zz09
  3. Click on “Join Meeting as an Attendee”
  4. When prompted, enter the meeting passcode.

Meeting ID: 892 5381 9784
Passcode: 260948

Conference Schedule (Japan Standard Time):

11:00-12:00  Keynote talk1, Prof. Mengchu Zhou
12:00-13:00  Keynote talk2, Prof. Xizhao Wang
13:00-13:20  A Mobile Robotic System for Rescue and Surveillance in Indoor Environment
13:20-13:40  Study on the Learning in Intelligent Control using Neural Networks based on Back-Propagation and Differential Evolution
13:40-14:00  Word Sense Disambiguation Graph-Based and Knowledge Base
14:00-14:20  GDP Carbon Emission Prediction Base on Grey Model and Neural Network
14:20-14:40  Automatic optimization of YOLOV3 image classification and positioning based on particle swarm optimization algorithm
14:40-15:00  Contour Mask and Matting Driven Face Image Generation
15:00-15:20  Eye-interface System using Convolutional Neural Networks for People with Physical Disabilities
15:20-15:40  Proposal of Omnidirectional Movable Positioning Plate Using T-shaped Omni Wheel
15:40-16:00  A general pseudo-random number generator based on chaos
16:00-16:20  A Light chaotic encryption algorithm for real-time video encryption
16:20-16:40  Intelligent Analysis and Presentation of IOT Image Collection in Private Cloud

In case of any questions, please write an email to the EAI ROSENET 2020 General Chair A/Prof. Huimin Lu at [email protected]